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 Halloween Event Description, an overview of festivities
 Posted: Jun 19 2016, 07:18 AM
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Happy Halloween!

The Halloween feast has just ended, and dusk is just only starting to set over the trees of the forbidden forest. Typically, students would be finding their way inside to avoid breaking curfew. But tonight, on the contrary, most of the school’s population is piling through the doors to the grounds. As they step outside of the castle, they can begin to see the way the grounds have been changed for the holiday! The whole area has been decorated with spiderwebs and very realistic gravestones, among other things, and swarms of bats swoop around overhead. The Hogwarts staff has gone out of their way to provide the students with a fun and spooky night, primarily with several main festivities that they hope the students will enjoy!


Of course, the highlight of the evening is also the most eye catching. In the open, grassy area between the castle and the Black Lake, a great bonfire burns brightly against the darkening sky. It’s massive in size, and it’s flames flicker high into the air, allowing dozens of students to pile in around it at once. A charm has been placed on the bonfire to prevent anyone from falling into it. A ring of tree stumps circles the fire, acting as seating, and a large plethora of snacks for roasting (as well as chocolate and crackers for smores) are provided.


While the bonfire is the night’s main attraction, Hogwarts - not known for throwing underwhelming events - has also been sure to provide the students with plenty of other fun things to do. A Haunted Corn maze has been set up, designed by the staff. This massive maze is full of turns sure to get you lost, and also involves some spooky encounters. Some parts of the maze are charmed to make noise; some corridors are filled with bats or home to other spooky creatures; and some of the Ghosts have even volunteered to float about the cornstalks, popping out in front of unsuspecting victims at their leisure! Anyone who gets lost or overwhelmed by the maze can send up sparks with their wand for help. Muggles are provided upon entering the maze with a simple flare that they can use to the same effect.


Several horses have been draped with black cloth, giving them a particularly haunting appearance. They work together to pull the hayride wagons, which weave along a cleared and marked path through the forbidden forest. While not haunted, the quiet of the forest can be haunting in and of itself, and any movement of the bushes is sure to put passengers on edge. Teachers take watch at intervals of the hayride to ensure that no real dangers from the forest can plague the students.


It wouldn’t be halloween without pumpkins, would it? Of course not! So Hogwarts has provided an expansive pumpkin patch for students to browse and pick out their favorite pumpkins. The patch comes along with plenty of stations to carve and decorate the pumpkins in any way seen fit. Between the festivities, the atmosphere and the friends, there should be plenty of good times to be had!

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