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"On this day, the thirteenth of June of the year two thousand and thirty four, in the spirit of honesty, safety and the equality of all mankind, the magical population and the non-magical population will no longer remain hidden from one another, but will be unified as one. Rather than withholding from one another, we today take a step toward a better future, as the union of two such extraordinary cultures and resources promises a betterment in quality of life for all. This statute applies to every living being that is capable of thinking and reasoning for itself. Either Discrimination or Deceptiveness in respect to the statute are both considered the highest form of noncompliance in all countries involved, and are punishable as treason. Every world leader, both magical and non-magical, have signed this statute in agreement that Transparency between the respective communities of the world is the best path toward knowledge and peace."

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Jett Posted on Jun 6 2016, 04:13 PM
HALLOWEEN EVENTATTENTION STUDENTS!We are pleased to announce that this Halloween, Hogwarts will host an outdoor event for your enjoyment! Students of all ages are invited to attend, and costumes are encouraged, but not required. The numerous outdoor festivities will begin immediately after the Halloween feast, and a bonfire will be lit promptly at dusk. Snacks and refreshments will be provided. We look forward to seeing you in attendance!Signed, The Hogwarts StaffAdditional InformationWe are now opening our first event, the Halloween Bonfire, for everyone to enjoy!! This is a HOGWARTS ONLY event. You'll see that we've opened a separate forum for the event. Please read the event description posted there, and then post all event-related threads in the forum. As October in character ends on July first, we will tentatively leave the Halloween event forum open until July tenth (three weeks from today). As this is our first event, we'll play it by ear slightly, but please prioritize the threads posted here, as we we do have a timeline to follow, and we'd like to archive the forum in a timely manner. Enjoy!!THANKS AVEY
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