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"On this day, the thirteenth of June of the year two thousand and thirty four, in the spirit of honesty, safety and the equality of all mankind, the magical population and the non-magical population will no longer remain hidden from one another, but will be unified as one. Rather than withholding from one another, we today take a step toward a better future, as the union of two such extraordinary cultures and resources promises a betterment in quality of life for all. This statute applies to every living being that is capable of thinking and reasoning for itself. Either Discrimination or Deceptiveness in respect to the statute are both considered the highest form of noncompliance in all countries involved, and are punishable as treason. Every world leader, both magical and non-magical, have signed this statute in agreement that Transparency between the respective communities of the world is the best path toward knowledge and peace."
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 Update 3, 12-16-16
 Posted: Dec 16 2016, 05:52 PM
Site Administrator
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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I don't know where this is either
I don't even know where this is

UPDATE || 12-16-16

HELLO LTM!!! Vilde and I are aware that we have been inexcusably absent lately. As has… well, pretty much everybody. But the thing is… we love you guys way too much to just let you all disappear without even trying! So, we’re going to do our best to get this place up and running and back to its former glory and all that. Primarily because we miss everyone like crazy! So, please, read on below to see what’s going on.

WHO IS STILL WITH US?! We hope that the answer is all of you. Anyone who still wants to be a part of our wonderful site, please head on over to the ACTIVITY CHECK and let us know that you’re still here. Everyone has been inactive lately, so this activity check is more of a way for Vilde and I to get an idea of where we stand and who still wants LTM to continue and how active everyone feels they can be, than to see that you’ve been posting. So if you’ve been inactive but want to keep your characters - no worries. Just please let us know where you’re at.

Considering the activity level and how long it was taking most people to actually complete threads even when active, we’ve decided to change the speed of time to real time. This means that one day in real life equals one day IC. We understand that this means that our characters will progress slower, but it will also prevent us from falling behind the current time of year and allow us more time to complete threads. Of course, feel free to RP within a reasonable window of the current date. For example, it’s currently mid-December, but RPing New years is acceptable. RPing next June, however, should be avoided. As we left off in winter IC before activity dropped off, we’ll be picking up with the current date. That means that today, IC, it is December 16, 2016. Christmas IC will fall on Christmas IRL. New Years IC will fall on New Years IRL, etc. If anyone takes issue with this and would like to change their character’s age, year, etc. please let us know.

We will be leaving the NEW YEARS FESTIVAL up - it will remain up until January 31 at least. Get posting!!

Activity in General
Our original activity rule was one post per character per week. For the moment, that will remain in the rules. However, we were clearly having issues following that guideline. Anyone with suggestions about activity - looser rules, stricter rules, events, advertising, any way to boost it, whatever - please let Vilde or myself know. For now, we’re going to focus on getting some semblance of activity back before enforcing anything. Let’s figure this out, yeah?

Vote on Puddifoots
We are probably number 49841312689. Can we all make an effort to start voting? Click the button, bruhs!!!

For now. Here’s to getting LTM back on the map!!! We look forward to seeing everyone again because, as I said, WE MISS YOU ALL LIKE CRAZY!!!! <3 <3 <3
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