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"On this day, the thirteenth of June of the year two thousand and thirty four, in the spirit of honesty, safety and the equality of all mankind, the magical population and the non-magical population will no longer remain hidden from one another, but will be unified as one. Rather than withholding from one another, we today take a step toward a better future, as the union of two such extraordinary cultures and resources promises a betterment in quality of life for all. This statute applies to every living being that is capable of thinking and reasoning for itself. Either Discrimination or Deceptiveness in respect to the statute are both considered the highest form of noncompliance in all countries involved, and are punishable as treason. Every world leader, both magical and non-magical, have signed this statute in agreement that Transparency between the respective communities of the world is the best path toward knowledge and peace."
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Sep 8 2016, 03:21 AM
Regression to the mean, or regression artifact is a statistical phenomenon that involves two non-random variables in a population, which usually just means people. These two variables would have an 'imperfect correlation'. As such, when a pre-test is shown to have an extremity of a statistic, the next variable plucked out, the post-test, would most likely regress to the mean of the population average. It works as well backwards, if a post-test is shown as an extremity, the pre-test would have most likely been an average statistical outcome.

"It's chance," Elia said with wide eyes, looking up at the child therapist. The child therapist looked back at Elia and the younger girl flushed and looked down at her legs that were wiggling at the edge of the red couch. She was too smart for play therapy at the age of seven. The young girl was very blunt about it every time they tried it. This was some sort of play therapy, though it wasn't really play, it was more like trying to get Elia to talk and react by bringing up many of the complex subjects she already had comprehended at her young age.

This was a new thing for her, going to child therapists. While her mom had been against it because she was so young, there was no doubt that their child needed some form of outside help. There was something peculiar about their little genius that her parents couldn't exactly point out. Her behavior was definitely something odd, often couldn't relate much due to it that was troubling her ability to really... connect with anyone.

"Do you understand what it means, Elie?"


"Elia," the therapist corrected herself with a shake of her head.

Elia nodded her head simply to her previous question, her eyes focusing on her shiny red shoes. The girl cocked her head to the side as she looked at her shoes, trying to just make their conversation pass as fast as possible.

"Mama and Dada are same," Elia mentioned, pulling her legs up to her chest, then laying down on her side on the couch. The therapist let her lay down. "They aways' fight. But sumtimes they kiss. Or Mama and Dada fight, then kiss. But they aways' fight," the young girl blankly said, her eyes looking straight ahead at nothing. The therapist noted it as her thinking about something else rather than something she was actually talking about.

"Are you sad because of it?"


"What's on your mind, Elia?"


"What do you feel now?"

There was a silence for a while as Elia hadn't responded. It took about seven minutes and three seconds (in Elia's obnoxiously precise count) for her to respond with, "None."

"Can you tell me more about it? I don't think your book here explains it as well as you do," the therapist smiled at Elia.

Elia could see right through her, the fake smile, the bait. But she took it anyways, not really wanting to fight off that much. To appease the woman in front of her, she didn't want to talk.

"I don't wanna."

"Why not?"

"I jus' don't."


"Can you talk to me about Quidditch?" Elia looked up at the woman, her eyes wide and twinkling like stars, hopeful she would.

The therapist saw her chance, though Elia was particularly good at baiting people that were more than twice her age.

And the therapist fell for it.
Aug 5 2016, 05:38 PM
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Elia didn't actually want to admit it, but she did steal and wear some of her brother's old clothes. Old meaning teen years, her darling brother Finnick could probably pass for a half-giant if he just put in a little bit more meat between his bones and skin. Needless to say, Elia didn't waste old clothes, not especially if they were in her size, and she could make it fashionable. From his timbs, leather jacket, jeans, and whatnot, people probably thought she was some sleek classic city chick with a perchance for gender neutral fashion.

<p>The blonde honestly looked good with her brother's old clothes. Damn, even his old jeans fit perfectly. If anything, Elia thought she should have totally nicked his boxers for shorts as well, but she realized that could easily give mixed signals if someone else other than her family found out.

<p>Elia had just gone out again after returning home from grocery shopping and dealing with a panic attack from earlier that resulted with her skin turning a horrifying green shade and her hair a bright orange, so she hid herself in her room until it was acceptable to go back out not looking like an upside down carrot. She donned her usual white blonde hair, though her eyes were stuck an olive color.

<p>Mostly having to go out because she forgot to walk her parents' dog. She was in the care of Popcorn the golden retriever, the dog was the same age as Elia, and her parents did say that they got Popcorn just about a month old at Christmas. Popcorn wasn't just a dog that had an incredibly long lifespan, she was family.

<p>London had a very nice selection of dog parks, and so Elia decided to apperate to one. She appeared with Popcorn in an alleyway, still not used to the fact that the Transparency allowed to her to apperate right in front of the gate, but the walk to the dog park to the alleyway wasn't that bad, and it was more exercise for Popcorn anyways. Her dog walked beside her without a leash, mostly sticking near Elia and sniffing things.

<p>When the duo arrived at the gate to the dog park, Popcorn's tail wagged excitably, waiting for Elia to open the gate, to which the famed Quidditch Player did. Popcorn trotted past the gate and went crazy with sniffing and running, which made her owner chuckle. She walked to get a disposable baggie from a bin, stuffing it in her large pocket (because male jeans have large, actually usable pockets). She looked around, seeing a familiar leather jacket in the distance. Hey, she was wearing that leather jacket too.
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Jul 29 2016, 05:21 AM
Peaches, Halston,

I tried not to.

I can't help it. I can't live like this anymore, you know that. I'm really sorry, I really am.
Jul 25 2016, 05:39 AM
Adrianna looked at her husband who was lounging at the couch playing with little Elia as she pressed her stuffed whale 'Hawwison' right on his face, wanting him to kiss it. He wrinkled his nose but kissed the toy anyways despite the fact that he knew the whale shark stuffed toy was filled with dried up toddler saliva. She didn't blame him, especially for the fact that he was a germaphobe. Adrianna would have been grossed out. But as a parent, sometimes you had to make sacrifices like these just so that the house can have some peace and quiet.

Elia was obnoxiously chatty and liked to scream a lot.

Finnick didn't mind the screaming and the chattiness of his sister, despite the fact that he was a quiet one. He loved Elia, and therefore everything about her he didn't mind. He didn't mind kissing her whale shark as well. Adrianna noticed though he did get incredibly jealous as a four year old when his little two year old sister would just pay attention to her whale rather than him. So currently Finnick was sulking next to her husband Maddox. She couldn't help but feel lucky that the siblings got along, though she wasn't surprised that Finnick quickly accepted his sister, he was kind and genuine... Adrianna just simply wasn't surprised that Finnick was quick to being the model older brother.

Adrianna herself was playing with Popcorn, their Golden Retriever. Popcorn was nothing short of a freeloader, but she did get along well with the kids and never scratched or bit anyone. Often found playing or being petted by the kids. She was a good one, Adrianna knew. Though her husband wasn't fond of dogs. He knew Adrianna always wanted one, so he forced himself to get Popcorn. But she was fitting along the family just fine.


Adrianna turned her head again back to her husband as her daughter started to cry, her eyes meeting with her husband and he just shrugged at her. He didn't know either why she was crying, but it was just sudden. She didn't seem to have any problems or needs, she wasn't tired. It was just spontaneous. They didn't have this problem with Finnick, but he wasn't quite the normal kid, the couple had to admit. Both assumed that spontaneous crying was normal...

"Wiam! Wiam!" Elia suddenly cried. Adrianna widened her eyes and Maddox merely smirked at Adrianna before soothing Elia with cuddles, hugs, Finnick (who was really the one to calm her down after being genuinely upset that his sister was crying again), and her whale shark toy. It took a while to calm her down. Adrianna made an exasperated and annoyed face. Not this thing again...

Liam ('Wiam' to the kids) Avelino was one of Adrianna Nightray's many admirers that went way back to Hogwarts. Maddox was vying for her attention against Liam during their school years and even now with Adrianna and Maddox with their new budding family. Maddox honestly didn't get what Liam wanted out of it unless he really wanted Adrianna to the point of breaking their family apart. Adrianna kept civil even though she knew of his intentions and assured her husband nothing would drive them apart. She encouraged Maddox to also be civil, but the man wouldn't have it unless civil was constant glaring or flat out ignoring. She hated the rivalry between the two and personally thought of ways to stop Liam from ruining her marriage and calm Maddox' fierce temper that she knew was there whenever he saw Liam.

They introduced the kids to him not too long ago after bumping into him while they were on a family outing. But surprisingly Elia didn't react to him well. As soon as Liam stuck his face and cooed to Elia, she was a loud, screaming, crying, red-haired mess that couldn't be calmed down until they were a good kilometer away from Liam, causing them to quickly end their meeting. That was a little embarrassing for Adrianna to suffer through, but she knew her husband didn't think the same. It wasn't that Maddox was happy about how things turned out, but it didn't stop him from smirking and being amused (and secretly whispering a 'good job' to his daughter) because of the encounter. It also didn't stop Adrianna from smacking her husband when she noticed.

Maddox Jerran was proud of his daughter's stellar and genuine meltdown performance. She was his seed, truly. Confirmed.

"What the hell was that, Maddox?" Adrianna whispered harshly that late night after the disaster of an encounter as she was being pushed down to bed by her husband who followed down, kissing her neck. "I told you to be civil!"

"I had nothing to do with Elia," he slightly growled, attacking her neck further with his warm, fiery-like kisses. "That was all her," he added, his tongue skidding across a patch of skin under her jaw.

"I meant your reaction," Adrianna growled back as her husband moved his kisses further down her now exposed body. Huh, he worked fast. She didn't notice that until now...

He didn't respond and simply moved his lips even far down, causing Adrianna to become impatient with his lack of response. She was about to say something until she was cut off...

From then on, 'Wiam' was somewhat of a secret imaginary monster that Maddox created for Elia to keep her in place. The young girl easily fell for that and of course nights for Maddox always included Elia wanting him to check her room and protect her from 'Wiams'. Not that Adrianna knew until Elia mentioned it far in the future.

Currently, both young parents were quick to figure out that Elia must have remembered the 'terrifying' encounter with Liam Avelino which caused her to cry. Yes, they were pretty sure they read it in child-raising books. Young toddlers sometimes remember terrifying encounters. Which solidified Maddox' defense, Adrianna now believed that Elia was genuinely scared/disliked the man whom he considered an arch-nemesis.

When Elia was fully calmed, she hid under Maddox's shirt, pulling it over her head and leaning on his chest as a 'hiding' response to her distressed mood earlier. Adrianna slightly smiled at that, her daughter was cute, her family was cute. She was starting to forget about the fact that she cried because of 'Wiam', and was now thinking about how perfect her family was. It was all thanks to Maddox, really. For giving her a chance to be able to become a mother of two especially after her condition. And she knew her husband was thinking the something that was somewhere along the lines of her own thoughts when he met her eyes, and both of them just knew just what the other was thinking.

"I love you."
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