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Jul 19 2017, 05:34 PM
Ari really needed to get into shape. Or in other words get over Matthew. In her spare time, Ari found that running was a great way to clear her head of anything Matthew related. Sure it had been a while since they broke up, but they had been BEST friends for years. Now they barely talked, they even avoided each other when they saw each other or had classes together. Ari flat out hated Hogwarts. It seemed like all of her friends disappeared when she and Matthew broke up... she literally had nobody to talk too except the ghost in the library when she went there to do homework and study for exams and everything else. Hogwarts was an escape from the real world.
They weren't preparing her to decide what she wanted to be. She thought about dropping altogether and not coming back next term, but she was too close to graduating to do that. Ari stoped for a break. She was drenched in sweat standing in the middle of the Quidditch pitch. This was about her third lap. One more and she would be done and get in an ice bath. She had sweat dripping from her eyes, and into her mouth. She sat on the ground because her legs felt like lead.
In her mind if she pushed herself, she could forget everything. She could forget about Matthew and all the terrible times at Hogwarts with him that she had. Only thing was that it was hard to forget six years of her life. But if she kept herself busy, she knew she would be able too, and everything would be fine. She had to spend this time wondering what she was going to do for the rest of her life. Maybe she could find something in the muggle world like becoming relators like her parents. She didn't know. Ari took her water bottle and dumped half of it on her head making her even more soaked. If she could finish this last lap, Ari could do anything.
But Anything was a lot of things. Her mind started spinning. She didn't know if it was from over heating, or just over thinking. And then she ran. Ari ran as fast as she could to the other half of the field. She didn't look behind at all. Behind her was the past. Behind her was everything that stood in her way of becoming something great. Behind her was Matthew. Behind her was forgetting the last six years of her life.
Dec 12 2016, 12:34 AM
Because let's bring back the game that we all know and love. Everyone should know how to play this but just in case, this is an IC game where you just post a gif of your character interacting with other characters! HAVE FUNNNN:
<p>This is what I am not.
Nov 25 2016, 08:14 PM
In the days that followed after Matthew and Ari split, Ari had a lot of time to calm down and think about her life choices. And so far, she hadn't found a single one she was found of. A month after the break up, Ari had been talking with Ollie to find out how Matthew really was, which was actually kind of a dead end because Matthew seemed to cut off ties with Ollie as well, and she couldn't exactly track Matthew down because he was avoiding her like the plague. But because of this, she found an unlikely alli in Ollie. And odly enough, even though Matthew and Ollie were 100% different, she found that she had more in common with Ollie than she did Matthew. It kind of sucked that Ollie wasn't at Hogwarts anymore, because even in the comfort of his letters, she felt more alone than ever. Ari spent her days locked away in her dorm when she wasn't going to class. She found that her grades went up because she was so bored she didn't have anything better to do. And what hurt the most in this time, nobody came looking for her. She guessed that Matthew told everyone what a terrible person she was and they all believed him and took his side. But that was fine. At least she had Ollie. Most days she wouldn't leave the window because she was so excited to see Ollie's next reply.
In her last letter, she had asked him ways to possibly get him back, because honestly, this was just ridiculous. She was a delightful person to be with. And sure she had gotten carried away with her awesomeness, but didn't a lot of people? She had gone as far as trying to gain his attention by dying her hair black, and even that didn't work. Finally the familiar brown barn owl came swooping down to her window. She gave the owl a treat and sent it back on its way. She eagerly opened the letter and jumped up and down at the idea. Fire. Why didn't she think about this before?! She could practice his favorite fire trick to win him back! She knew he liked to write in the air a lot... so what if she wrote "I'm Sorry" in fire, and played his favorite song? She could change for him. She loved him after all. She would vow to make herself a better person. A person that people could stand to be around. She smiled. If this didn't work, she didn't know what would. Filled with excitement, Ari wanted to go practice right then and there. It was perfect timing because it was the weekend and everyone was in Hogesmeade, so nobody would be around to see her fail a million times. She needed to know the spell. And she sure as hell wasnt going to ask Matthew for it. So she went to the second best source she knew. His dorm. Thankful that he was gone, and nobody else was in there, she looked around. Flashbacks of the drunken night he took care of her flashed through her mind and she started to cry. It was the night that she knew he was the one, and she had let him slip through her fingers.
With tears rolling down her face, she wiped her eyes and snipped through his stuff. And finally, she found it. An entire list of spells. She tried to put everything back where she had found it as to not raise suspicion that somebody had been in there. She grabbed the list and ran out to her dorm. She looked at the list. Man he had terrible handwriting. Even when they weren't together he still managed to make things difficult on her. She realized how incredibly wrong this could go. One word wrong could result in something catastrophic. She went down to one of the abandoned dungeons to try and practice figuring that would be the safest place to go. And first to figure out which spell did what. That was the scary part. Not knowing could lead to certain death. So she figured she should probably write Matthew a letter and send it off in case something were to go wrong. And if it didn't, well, she would just look like an idiot. She sat on the floor and began to write a letter:
Dear Matthew,
I'm writing this to you today in case something goes terribly wrong. I wanted to confess that I went into you're room and stole your list of fire spells. Ollie told me that a way to get you back would be to practice something you love. Fire. My plan was to write "I'm sorry" in the air, but I guess if you are getting this, then something went horribly wrong. And the truth is, I really am sorry. In my weeks of solitude, I've learned that it was me who was at fault. I admit that I didn't work as hard to try and make you happy. It was more about me than it was about us. And for that, we were probably doomed from the start. I hope that if you get this before I try this fire shit that you accept my apology and we can talk. I'll be in one of the abandoned dungeons. And if it's too soon to get back together, I really hope that I can get my best friend back. Because I miss you. And if not, well, I tried.
All my Love,
Ari went and found her owl and sent off the letter hoping that Matthew wouldn't ignore it, then went back to the list. Knowing Matthew, he would put the easy stuff first and work his way down. So she started with the first spell. She said the incantation and a flame appeared at the end of her wand. Okay.. easy. Maybe her assumption was correct. Since she mastered that one she went right down to the next one. This one shot little sparks from her wand. She held it in surprise and started to wave it around. She found that she could write words in the air with it. She smiled getting it. She tried to put it out, but found she couldn't. She panicked. Was there a spell that put it out? She found as she tried to wave it about the flame in her wand kept getting bigger and bigger. Her heart pounding she threw her wand at the wall but that didn't help either. She tried to run towards the dungeon exit, but found that the door had jammed shut. This wasn't happening. She could scream, but the smoke was getting so intense that it was making her throat dry. She sank down to the floor against the door. Was this it? Was this how she was going to go? She started to silently cry as she watched the flames go out of control from her wand.
She then realized how ironic it was. She was going to die in the hands of something that was supposed to pull her and Matthew back together whether it be as friends, or more than friends. She put her head in between her legs and let the fire engulf her body. The heat hurting as much as her broken heart that would forever be for the boy she loved. Matthew Bennett. And as she breathed her last breath, his face was the last thing etched in her mind. And oh it was a great way to die.
Somehow, Ari couldn't let herself go like that. No matter how hard she tried to close her eyes and let herself fade away to nothing but ashes, she couldn't. As she banged on the closed door she felt it slide open. The fates where with her today. Today she was not meant to die. As she breathed in the fresh dungeon air she laid down on her back. She then fell in a peaceful sleep knowing that she would be able to open her eyes tomorrow.
Sep 11 2016, 01:48 AM
Ari sat on one of the sides of her four poster bed. She had dug out he alcohol that she had saved and promised herself that she would never ever dig out again. But here she was. Feeling like an alcoholic even though she had only touched the stuff once in her entire life. But what can you turn too when you have literally nobody left in your life to go too? What can you do when the whole world is against you? The layers of black hair flooded down her shoulders as she looked at the full bottles before her. She told herself she wouldn't do it again until she was of age, but yet she was breaking that promise. Why should she care? Everyone broke promises. Apparently that was okay to do now. So why should this promise be any different?
She whispered, "fuck it."
She opened the bottle and took a giant swig. This was muggle beer. She didn't remember how she got ahold of it, but she didn't regret it. She took a couple more swigs and looked at the bottle. The shit really was nasty. She couldn't understand why anyone would commit there life too it. But it was just this once right? Then she would never do it again. She stood up. It was New Years. Down stairs in the great hall there was s giant party and people where celebrating the new year. But Ari didn't have anything to celebrate. She didn't have anyone to celebrate with. And what was she celebrating anyways? The start to a miserable year? Ya that was up lifting... She looked down at the grounds out the window of her dormitory. There seemed to be a more fun party going on down at hogsmeade. That might be better... She thought. She wouldn't have to be forced to talk to people she knew. Or forced to see or talk to... Him...
So she decided. She would sneak out and go to Hogsmeade. The chances of her getting caught were slim. The professors where probably too worried about the party down in the great hall to worry about anybody sneaking out. She sighed and discovered she was right. Sneaking out was easy. And she blended in because she wore black and her hair didn't stick out anymore because it was black as night as well. She finally made it to Hogsmeade. It was wild. Anyone who was anyone was probably there. But Ari wanted to do something. She wasn't sure what it was, she just hoped that it would be rebellious. She had to start off the year right. She was after all a brand new person. A brand new person who did new things, who didn't want to try anymore or put in the effort to get people to like her. That was what had become of her. And he was to blame.
Aug 26 2016, 02:51 AM
That was when Ari knew she had to change. Her breakup with Matthew hit her hard. He was the one person who she thought she could count on, but apparently not. Apparently he was going to leave like everyone else did. Abandon her like everyone else had. He wasn't prince charming. He wasn't her safe place. He wasn't her best friend. Who did she have now that he was gone? Nobody? That was just how people thought of Ari. They felt it was okay to leave her because everyone else could do it, so why couldn't they? Well, Ari was going to blow their minds away.
She was going to prove them wrong. She was going to make them wish they hadn't left. She was going to make them beg to come back. She was going to make herself a better person. How? A change. Changing would help everything. She needed to become less like herself, and more like the person everyone wished she was. She now realized that that was the reason why everyone left. Shew as too absorbed in herself. She needed to become more absorbed in other people. Ask how they were doing for a change. Maybe bring them a cake instead of forcing somebody to bring her one.
What else could she change? Her hair? Her beautiful long red hair? It was no question that that was one of the main factors that Matthew loved about her. Perfect. It was gone. The redness that reminded him of fire, gone. Black. That was a good color. She could pull that off. She could make other people double take when she walked down the hallway. She needed that distraction from the day. She needed people to realize that she was going to change for better or for worse. In this situation, it was for the better. She was going to be polite, considerate, and enjoyable to be around. She was going to change her wardrobe, change her views on things, make people take her seriously, and not complain most of the time.
Over Christmas Break, Ari took a bottle of black hair dye and dyed her entire head black. As black as the soul of the person she was before. She went through her wardrobe and got rid of the clothes she felt made her feel like a little kid. She smiled once she looked into the mirror. She had changed. She was officially a person who she could stand to be around. She was a person who Matthew would regret leaving. Whom everyone would regret leaving. She was brand new.

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