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"On this day, the thirteenth of June of the year two thousand and thirty four, in the spirit of honesty, safety and the equality of all mankind, the magical population and the non-magical population will no longer remain hidden from one another, but will be unified as one. Rather than withholding from one another, we today take a step toward a better future, as the union of two such extraordinary cultures and resources promises a betterment in quality of life for all. This statute applies to every living being that is capable of thinking and reasoning for itself. Either Discrimination or Deceptiveness in respect to the statute are both considered the highest form of noncompliance in all countries involved, and are punishable as treason. Every world leader, both magical and non-magical, have signed this statute in agreement that Transparency between the respective communities of the world is the best path toward knowledge and peace."
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 Non-celebratory Patrols, Open | Hogwarts
Astrid Vestergaard
 Posted: Sep 12 2016, 01:54 PM
Astrid Vestergaard
Single and Sulking
She's got a lion in her heart and a fire in her soul.
She is fierce as a future Auror should be, yet an Auror is not what she wants to be. She will go to the ends of the Earth to be sure that her loved ones are never harmed and always protected. She is loyal, brave and a bit mischievous and beyond all else, she has a natural beauty like no other.
Animagus in Training

31 December 2035/ 1 January 2036

a heart stained with anger
Astrid felt a wave of relief rush over her when she had heard that Hogwarts wouldn't be having a ball, mostly because she'd either be stuck going alone or she'd be stuck in her dorm which was even more lonely. However, they were still celebrating and despite the fact that she didn't wish to go, she was a prefect and it was one of her jobs to patrol the event and make sure no one had tried to sneak Firewhiskey in - though if they did, she may just confiscate the bottle for herselfand award the lad five Housepoints or something.

Astrid's mood had gotten a bit better, why? She wasn't certain but she had actually dressed to go out tonight and it uplifted her. Frankly, she felt pretty for once - she felt like she could live a thousand happy lives and break the heart of thousands of men. Maybe, she was just taking the breakup a bit better now, after all, it had been a couple of weeks now since it happened.

Midnight was nearing and there were a few stray pops of fireworks that let the students know the show was about to start, The music lowered and Astrid found herself among the crowd, a smile across her red lips. She was happy, yet the only thing that could make her happier would be to have someone to share the experience with. While on her patrols earlier, the girl hadn't come across any of her friends but they were likely with their friends except for the ones who were also prefects, they may have been assigned to other portions of the event.

grows weak and grows bitter
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